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#SpreadtheLove supports young women practicing sex work to embrace alternative sources of income. Donate from as little as 10/- Thank you.

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MADACI (Mothers and Daughters Care Initiative) through the #SpreadtheLove campaign supports young women through HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual and reproductive health advocacy and lobby for socio-economic alternatives. Our mission is to transport hope to the lives of our target group by helping them realize their career goals and dreams.

Currently we have 3 groups of 20 women each that we engage in entrepreneurship training, financial management and saving. The ultimate goal is to have them start sustainable businesses based on their interests. We also have 15 girls studying beauty and catering in local colleges respectively.

More than 100 other women and adolescent girls are registered with us but we cannot support them because our funds are limited. We invite you to #SpreadtheLove by donating as little as Kshs 10 that will go to supporting these girls and women.

You can reach us on email:info@madaci.org Facebook:Mothers and Daughters Care Initiative or phone:0755397599

Thank you for your support in advance.

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