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Help John Ogora Raise School Fees

Am a student at Mt. Kenya University taking Bachelor of Education Arts currently supposed to be in my 2nd year but out due to lack of fees. Join in support.

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My name is John Nyangoto Ogora. As a child I always loved playing outdoors with other kids taking a role up as a teacher. I was a big fun of molding soil (Clay) into different shapes ha-ha pretending it was 5 years old kids to tutor. Since then, I have always been obsessed with how to impart knowledge to other people. It was only natural that I would pursue EDUCATION when I went to the university. And I am proud to have been admitted on April 2016 for my first undergraduate degree at Mt. Kenya University.

There is need more Kenyan professionals, to be involved in developing and managing the Education Sector. The more educated people are about this field, the more they understand about how important this Sector is and what corruption and under utilization can do to it. I want to be one of these professionals.

That is why I applied to join Mt. Kenya University to Pursue Bachelors Degree in Education. By taking this course, I can shine light on this billion-dollar Sector that has not been given the attention it deserves.

We Kenyans will be able to understand and discover safe ways of Educating our kids without destroying the environment around it.

And this is why I come to you, my good people of the internet. What it costs to attend the college is approximately Kshs. 281, 000. This amount will be used to cover my tuition fee and accommodation as well as upkeep. However, I to pay the institution Kshs. 80, 000 covering the first year tution expense.

I need to raise the remaining Ksh 201, 000 to enable me go through my schooling rest I will miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Get out your mpesa, airtel money, eazzy money and let’s get sending. It takes as little as Ksh 50/-  to empower one of Kenya's sons

***** Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest*********

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