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Hi guys, We're raising money for Jonah Mwogi for his medical bill. He is going to be treated in India for lung cancer.

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Update on Jonah Mwogi


Next steps:


1. Nai Hosp Doctor email to india Hosp requesting to receive me

2. India hospital writes back to Embassy here that they are expecting me for treatment.

3. I take a copy of letter to Embassy with passport.(2 days to get VISA at most)

4. Book ticket on Thursday or Friday.

5. Fly out around Sunday

6. 3 weeks treatment process (Surgery, or Chemo or Both). 


1.5 M breakdown:


It is approximate cost for everything. Treatment is about 1.2m                       

Subject to biopsy results which may require extra tests.                       

The employer has offered 300k now. Linking up around 900 from family and friends     .                   

The other expenses are on him.                    


He has what is called Neuroendocrine Carcinoma. A growth in the upper lobe of the right lung          

Some form of Malignant Tumor which is but slow growing.  At Aga Khan, it showed to have spread to the ribs thus necessitating India trip for a comprehensive scan.

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