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Eric Ngugi Mugenya is my name and I am a performing artist ,Singer ,Actor Dancer and Choreographer.In the old days and unfortunately even now in smaller propotions Art has always been seen as a back up plan when it comes to Career choices ,even worse by others it is seen as a last option ,something people do when all has failed and no other options viable.It is mostly regarded as fun not serious by many who do not know understand the time and energy and commitment and creativity it takes for example to put up a live act on stage be it singing ,dancing or acting.Have you ever asked yourself why does everyone want to go abroad to live there,why are so many people obsessed with countries like USA,UK...etc let me give you one big reason ,majority of the content we see on local tv is content from these countries through various art forms like Music ,movies. Countries like these realized a long time ago through their art they can sell themselves to the world,so they decided to invest in arts ,to show the world their beautiful people,their most beautiful landscapes ,most fun traditions and people end up coming to the conclusion that these are the best places to be.The power of the arts is yet to be taped into,here in our country.I am a diploma holder from Kenyatta University with Diploma in Theatre arts and Film Technology,I'm passionate about the stage ,performing arts and the entertainment industry in general.I found a school that would be able to nurture my gifts in an amazing way but funds have been very hard to come by .One of my many goals is to be able to inspire people to get into the Arts industry that has lucrative rewards when done with the seriousness and respect it deserves and also publicize the people to appreciate the creative industry more and see its worth to extent that the government can also start setting up laws that boost the creative industry and not undermine it.

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