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Kindly assist Doroty raise funds for her mastectomy surgery and subsequent treatments for Stage 2 breast Cancer

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My name is Dorothy Kunga Musa, I am a 45 year old widow with one son. I lost my husband & daughter in a grisly road accident back in 2013, while my husband was driving her to school. In 2016 November I developed a lump on my breast, but it disappeared and didn't think much of it. It then reoccurred in March 2017, this time it was itchy and uncomfortable. I therefore decided to go seek medical attention at Mama Lucy Hospital. They observed it and prescribed antibiotics for it, saying its an infection it should get better with medication. After taking the meds for a few days and it didn't go away I opted to get a 2nd opinion & went to Nairobi Women's Hospital. They carried a few tests and referred me to Aga Khan Hospital. There, an FNA test was conducted to determine whether the lump was cancerous or not,& unfortunately the results came out positive for stage 2 breast cancer, and the doctor advised that, if the test came out positive once again, my treatment options were to have a mastectomy done, which they said would cost anywhere from ksh250,000- 300,000. An amount that was way beyond my reach. I couldn't even afford the biopsy test.

A few weeks past by and my breast started swelling & became very painful. Beginning of July 2017, I heard that they were doctors from Spain coming to Kenya to treat cancer tumors for free at Maragua District Hospital Muranga, and were only going to be around for a few days. In my desperation to get help, I packed my bags and went to Maragua District Hospital. The doctors looked at my breast and suggested they operate on me, to drain the pus that was causing the swelling & pain. They went ahead and did the operation, however the surgery wasn't too successful and I was forced to go back into theater cause of lots of bleeding from the wound. They managed to stop the bleeding temporarily and suggested I remain in hospital for 4 days for close monitoring and dressing of the wound. Unfortunately once the doctors left, the nurses asked all patients to leave and go home since they were on strike. I had no choice but to leave in my condition. Once I got to Nairobi the bleeding started again, I then went to Nairobi Women's Hospital Kitengela where I live, & they requested I get admitted for close observation and monitoring of the wound as they do there investigations, basically carry the biopsy test. They required ksh30,000 deposit for admission, which I still didn't have. I told them I would go look for the money and come back once I got it. I didn't get it and decided to get dressing and antibiotic treatments at a smaller hospital near by. When I realized the condition was getting worse, I then decided to seek help from the Church. They were kind enough to assist & they took me to Kenyatta Hospital where I saw Dr Kimani.

Dr Kimani, looked at the breast & also suggested a biopsy be done before any treatment can follow. The test was carried out and in a  few days, came back positive for stage 2 breast cancer, & suggested a mastectomy be done as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the disease, since the breast had already been tampered with and secondly, to control the loss of blood.

On 26th of July, I had an emergency Mastectomy done at Coptic Hospital & the surgery was successful we thank God.  I have been in Hospital since the 25th of July and was discharged on 31st of July,. I have incurred a bill of close to ksh230, 000 covering the procedure, doctors fees and hospital stay. The doctor said, once the wound heals,  I will require subsequent treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal treatments. The total costs of which, comes to close to ksh750,000 inclusive of the surgery I just had. I truly cannot afford that amount. I also applied for a paybill number from Safaricom, Paybill Number 855328, in order that I may raise funds to meet the medical costs.

I am humbly & kindly making an appeal & request to friends, family and well wishers, to support me by helping raise funds for the hospital bill at Coptic Hospital of ksh229,237 and for my subsequent medical treatments in the journey ahead of me. This is my humble and kind request.

Your assistance will highly be appreciated and May God bless you.

Yours Sincerely,

Dorothy Kunga Musa
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