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Hi. I am a female entrepreneur from Africa seeking funds to start a health & beauty company. Your support will highly be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi, my name is Wangari from Kenya and I have passion for beauty and cosmetics.

In Africa I noted that the big global color cosmetic brands you see in major department stores overseas are difficult to access and for that reason I decided I need to create a local cosmetic line. I have dreamt of creating my own brand for years but to create a cosmetic brand for my own sake would be self-serving. I would like to create a conscious product that is made with integrity. This line of merchandise would be made ethically and cruelty-free.

Our new colour cosmetics brand will focus on innovative shades and formula for healthy looking skin. Our goal is to provide makeup that suits people from all walks of life, is affordable yet of a luxury look & feel and of the best quality.

We have designed and built our website, started a page on Instagram and are currently in the process of finalising our product range. We have samples in the making as we speak and now we need your help to bring the brand to life. 

Initially it will really help to fund the first line of product, packaging production, logistics and our product photography, we will then push our website live and use the funds from our sales to create the next product whether that be bronzers, new eyeshadow palettes and so on.

Since the beginning of my career, I have always loved being able to work with cosmetics and makeup, because it helps transform people from the inside out. I hope to create products that helps women break away from their everyday lives, and make them feel more confident about themselves while giving back to a good cause. 

The cause that I'm referencing is helping the needy. With the help and support from people like you, I hope to create a thriving company that will give back in time. I would like to donate a certain portion of my proceeds to help end childhood hunger and help educate the needy to get better sanitation,access to healthcare, food and education. 

In Africa, millions of children go hungry every day and lack basic sanitation and education. In today's society, we tend to be inundated with media images of starving children all over the world. Often, when we think about such devastation we are overwhelmed. We're not sure how to help. We even question if our small contribution could make a difference. 

With the success of my cosmetics company, people will have a chance to provide assistance by choosing to purchase a better product that benefits the consumer as well as leaving a positive mark on the world.

So... calling all beauty lovers, bloggers, guru's, MUA's and anyone who really wants to help! We are so grateful and appreciate you taking the time to read this campaign.

Thank you for your support. 

God bless you always. 

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Paybill: 891300

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