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Desks For Adhama

Hey guys, kindly help us get desks for kids in Adhama. They study sitting on the floor. #DesksForAdhama

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I first visited Adhama in 2014. I had just finished my last semester in KU and planned to go  to North Eastern Kenya with a couple of crazy friends. We fell in love with the kids and that village on our first visit. 

By then the kids studied under the trees. Only the class 8 had an actual classroom. This  year though, the government has built 2 more classes which will cater for class 6 and 7 students.

We did a couple of visits after that. We fundraised and bought whatever we could to make the school better.  These kids live a hard life. Coming to school is such a sacrifice. They walk from so far to come to school. They have to endure the hot weather.... They are mostly without shoes so imagine walking on hot sand. Most of them stay without food for the whole day. They don't go back home for lunch  because of the distance (can be even more than 5km) and most times there wont be any food at home...  But despite the challenges... They keep coming to school. They are hungry for education. We are not in a place to solve all the problems. But we can do SOMETHING!!!!! 

We can contribute to make the school a better place. Learning can be more comfortable for these young ones.We can make it to be a place that the kids enjoy spending their time. 

Join me on this mission.....

We aim at getting 30 desks by the beginning of 3rd term. One desk costs KES 1500. Any amount contributed will go along way. 

'Desks for Adhama' 


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