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Corradini Catholic School

Please, help raise the necessary amount to complete the school building!

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Corradini Catholic School was founded in 2005 by the Holy Family Collegine Sisters in the Nairobi district of Embakasi, one of the poorest of the Region. The school is currently attended by 250 children between 3 and 13 years old, from pre-school to APA classes. Many of these children come from the slums (shantytowns) in the nearby, and the school is the only place which can keep them away from the street and from landfills.

The motto of the school is Education and Formation, because the school aims at providing the children with an environment where they can learn both from an academic and a personal standpoint so to have a better future.

Unfortunately, the school is still incomplete: up to now only one classroom for each STD grade is finished. Although the children spend their entire day at school, also eating there, no dining hall has been realised because of the lack of funds. The initial project also comprised a bigger room for gatherings and a second floor, but none of these has been built yet.

Please, help the Holy Family Collegine Sisters to complete the school and to build a warm environment where the children can study and spend their time.

Contribute together with the Sisters and all the teachers of the school to give these children a better future!

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