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It cannot be denied that girls make up a critical demography for social change as well as global development. Girls represent a huge under-served population especially in the developing world. However, adolescent girls tend not to be included in many developments programs. Many of these adolescent girls face vulnerability, which includes lacking family and community support, limited economic opportunities, not having a voice, as well as unfavorable social attitudes. As a result, their economic and social empowerment is constrained thus leading to risky behaviors at times. women and girls continue to bear the brunt of poverty.

VAP understands that closing the gender gap especially during the adolescent period in areas of education, economic activity and health would have significant impact on the national economic growth and the well-being of girls.Through soccer we are taking effective and practical action, to enable girls reach their full potential. Your donations will aid in training girls on BEAUTY AND HAIRDRESSING and PASTRY AND CATERING courses among others and instilling work readiness skills as well as internships and job placements.

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