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Restoring hope for trauma victims

Hey, we have started a fundraising for Jani Jipya kindly help us in our cause to reduce injury casualities ,provide psychological therapy and rehabilitation.

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'I want to die....'' these were her words. Jane aged 51 years is a Mother of 5(2f, 3m) children living in Sega. For the last 51 years she had been strong healthy and physically fit and ran a hotel that was the family's source of income. Early January this year she was involved in a fatal road accident along Kisumu,  Busia road in Kisian junction which left her disabled. She was hospitalized at Russia Hospital for 6months. She accumulated a bill of 1.6milion which depleted all the family's  financial resources.   She battled psychological trauma in silence as she could no longer finance her family .With no one there to support her she wanted to commit suicide due to her detention in hospital and  she did not get necessary therapy to recover. Through our field work with our partners we were able to support by giving her a wheel chair, rehabilitation and therapy . She is still undergoing therapy and Psychological support..... With you we can create a world with few injury casualities, lower in patient rate and few cases of trauma and better reintegration to society for trauma patients.

Who we are…

Jani Jipya was established in the year 2013, July our main purpose has been in the the sphere of giving aids to the fight against HIV/AIDS and support to orphans and vulnerable children over 13years of age in the regions of Bungoma, Siaya and Kisumu.

We envision a world with fewer injury casualties, lower inpatient rate, high recovery rates, fewer cases of trauma and better reintegration into society for trauma patients


 To provide care and support to serve trauma patients; their care givers and families by providing information, funds, specialized equipment psychological support and advocating for affordable health care.

We have collaborated with other organizations and thereby we...

(ACE Africa (K), Jani Jipya Initiative and Other supporters) have come up together to set up a fund to help in

1. Campaigns and training for safer environment and lifestyles at home and workplace

2. Campaign for increased uptake of medical cover

3. Campaign and aid in better response to emergency situations

4. Campaign for cheaper health care

5. Create a coordinated effort between concerned organizations on these issues

6. And to officially set 28th of every year as a day for Organizations that deal with human suffering to show case their services to the public.

We have worked out that KShs. 5 M a year would be the basic figure to get our message around all corners in Kenya. The 28th of April is the International Day of Safety and Health, and it’s a day which we believe is best suited for an open forum discussion on these issues and to find solutions, networks and partnership on the same.


Beyond a doubt it’s true to say that the programme is a steady growing success which has the potential to grow further with more members and more support and those who have gained support have a testimony to say and another day to be grateful for the gift of life and health.


We recommend that through networking we shall be able to reach both the grass root levels and beyond to be able to offer support to those in need. This can be done through one member bringing 5-10 members to the organization and this enhances to widen the organizations family gap, more members more opportunities to be able to offer voluntary services

As little as $5 or sh.100 will make a difference. Join the Jani Jipya family.

Thank You


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