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Advance climate justice to women

Support to raise funds to 60 -year plus widows to generate income through weaving of baskets as their source of livelihood.

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Campaign; Help the elderly, and childless  widows age gracefully. It is good to be young and it is even better to have children who can nurture you at your 70s. At the age of 70 Those widows who have no children to take care of them become miserable, helpless, not forgetting the depreciating strength and health status. The same group of women cannot undertake task that require a lot of energy but they still need to meet their basic needs. Kenya climate Justice Women Champions has identified 120 of them in the 2 Counties of Kitui and Murang'a. These are our target direct  beneficiaries. It is our hope that this project will spill over to other counties. As an intervention, we intend to introduce basket making which they can do as groups to earn income for their use and even create entrepreneurship. This intervention is timely   as Kenya has banned the use of plastic bags by September,2017. This will create an opportunity to market these products and make the beneficiaries active while improving their living standards. This project will be implemented within one year and will cost 980,000 which will be used to organize and train them as well as meet the initial cost of the materials. The sustainability plan is to establish a cottage industry  for mass production which will create employment of other women while contributing to  reduction of pollution in the country. We appeal for support to make this intervention a reality.

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