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Support A Child With Disability

Together we can educate, provide wheelchairs, therapy services and perform surgeries for children with disabilities.

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The “Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya” (APDK) was established in 1958 as a Non-Governmental Organization to offer services to persons with disabilities (PWD). APDK operates a network of 10 branches countrywide with majority established within Government of Kenya health facilities. APDK operates a 60 in-patient bed capacity, In rehab clinic (formerly Polio Clinic), Sheltered workshops in Bombolulu and in Likoni for jewelry, Leather, and   Quality Furniture Production and operates two Wheelchair workshops in Mombasa and Nairobi.  


Human Interesting story

Michael Abaki aged 2 years ten months hails from kathomo village Siaya County. He is the first born and the only child in a family, he stays with a grandmother who is a peasant farmer but her mother works far away from home. Michael was born well until six months when the condition was detected at Siaya County Referral Hospital which referred the child to Kisumu Provincial Hospital for CT scan where condition was confirmed. Michael was later referred to Occupational Therapy Department in the year 2014 where assessment was done and treatment began immediately. At the beginning Michael had no head control, no trunk stability, Could not sit, Could not crawl, no roll over from one side to the other and not hold objects on both hands        

He has been undergoing regular therapy at the Occupational Therapy department since year 2014 to date. Has now attained most developmental milestones except for talking, thus: Good head control, Good trunk stability, rolling over, Sitting up, Crawling, Standing alone, walking by self, playing with objects using both hands.

The mother is grateful and motivated and this makes her bring the child to the clinic regularly and consistently. She is now a mentor mother motivating parents with disabled children. Good Corporation from the mother has also contributed to this success. The family now doesn’t believe in the community myths linked to the child condition and are now happy about their child’s progress He may need speech therapy which currently is not offered at our facility.

Michael requires speech therapy which currently is not offered at our facility. We are still networking with other partners and stakeholders to ensure that Michael gets speech therapy services. His mother is very hardworking mother who has dedicated her time and energy to ensure he gets therapy as required. 

“Am very thankful to APDK for the far they have brought my child and I can now think about school” says the mother. 

There is a large number of children with disabilities from disadvantaged backgrounds especially from the peri -urban and rural communities requiring  such services like therapy, psychosocial counselling, club foot management and  wheelchair service provision. Help us put a smile on their faces by giving them power to walk through donating as little as you can.

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