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HELP US FIND A LOST CHILD. Missing Child Kenya's goal is to reunite every lost and missing child to his/her family

"Your child is gone. We can’t find him."

These words are the nightmare of any parent, guardian and caregiver. That is what Faith was told one cold June evening in Nairobi. Tumi, 11 years old was last seen at 10 am of the same day. Tumi is among 50 children who are reported missing every week.

This is a happy story for Faith and Tumi: she sent a WhatsApp and Facebook message to all her friends, and within 6 hours Tumi was found. Most children and parents are not this lucky. The turnaround time of finding a lost child is very important, it may mean life or death.

Unlike Faith, many parents in rural and low income communities do not have access to social media and or internet. This should not mean that their children are lost forever. Missing child Kenya partners with parents, community groups, law enforcement and the Department of Children Services in Kenya to reduce the turnaround time and spread information about missing children, to bring children home.

In a bid to make our community outreach plans more sustainable, Missing Child Kenya has embarked on a project to install  FIND A CHILD NOTICE BOARDS  at high traffic public access areas (HUBS) to act as an information channel (SPOKES) for the surrounding areas. Our aim is to assist families that are seeking information on their lost children with a reference point for existing cases that have been already brought to the authorities within Kenya.  


For Ksh. 10,000, you can buy a notice board. With your help, we can achieve our goal to put up a FIND A CHILD notice board in all 47 COUNTY CHILDREN'S OFFICES in Kenya .

These notice boards will keep our children safe by:

  1. Increasing awareness on the issue of missing children.
  2. Being an immediate source of helpful information to worried and distraught parents.
  3. Important leads and referrals will arise from the crowd sourcing approach of well-wishers and concerned citizens sharing our missing child posters.
  4. Proactive reports on missing children from communities will increase.

Missing Child Kenya is a community led portal that works with organizations and individuals in the child protection sector and the public to help share information on missing children using various media platforms and increase search efforts at no cost to the affected families.The goal of Missing Child Kenya is to boost search efforts for missing children by sharing photo posters and alerts to as broad an audience and in the fastest of time as possible. 

Join Missing Child Kenya in creating for our children a culture and community of concerned and proactive Kenyans. We value you as our eyes, ears and voice on the ground as we work on track, trace and reunification efforts for missing children in Kenya. When you share a missing child alert, you are making your much valued individual contribution to reuniting a missing child with their family. 



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