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HELP US FIND A LOST CHILD. Missing Child Kenya's goal is to reunite every lost and missing child to his/her family

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When a child goes missing, every second counts. The goal of Missing Child Kenya is to boost search efforts for missing children by sharing photo posters and alerts to as broad an audience and in the fastest of time as possible. Missing Child Kenya has launched a toll free number: 0800 22 33 44.  A toll-free phone number is one which you can dial without having to pay for the call if a child is missing or you have information regarding a child on our website.


Whether you are a concerned adult or a child, you can dial the toll free number 0800 22 33 44 to access our services. We not only respond to the emergency needs of missing, lost and found/ displaced children but also link them to services for their short/ long-term care and rehabilitation.

0800 22 33 44 shall receive calls for service from:

• Families and law enforcement agencies reporting a missing child and seeking assistance in their search.

• People reporting the sighting of a missing child.

• Professionals seeking resources to assist in missing child cases.

• Families needing reunification assistance once their child is found.

Upon receiving your call and case information about a missing, lost and found/ displaced child, the Missing Child Kenya team provides FREE resources for the search of missing children between the ages of 0-18 in the following ways:

• Creating a personalized and suitable missing child poster for your child.

• Posting and distribution of your child’s photo/poster on the Missing Child Kenya platforms and networks.

• Helping you work with your community, law enforcement (police) and the media (mainstream and online social media) to share information about your missing child.

• Documentation of institutionalized lost and found children for record to be used in trace & reunification with their families.

• Linkage / referral to agencies that offer psycho-social support for families e.g. counselling.



#IntlMissingChildrensDay – 25 May is a day to celebrate those recovered and remember the thousands still missing. Missing Child Kenya will not rest until we #BringThemHome. #NoChildStandsAlone


Our Toll Free Number 0800 22 33 44 is in place to support the functionality of case management by easing communication, coordination, mobilization, response and follow up of identified and reported cases of missing/lost and found children.


0800 22 33 44 is free of charge to the public but Missing Child Kenya shoulders the call charges. Please support our efforts by helping us meet our monthly call charge fee of KES 20,000 which is set to increase as we create more awareness about our service and reach out to more Kenyans.










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