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Sosiani Pri. School Library

Hey friends, we have started this fundraiser to help bring books to kids in Sosiani Primary School

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We have always, as a Kenyan society, had the need to explore the worlds that lie beyond our own walls that surround our homes, our classes, our schools, and our country. Exploring these newly-found worlds, help a child visualize what lays beyond, and to see what the world has in store - If only we can stretch our minds that far. 

Sosiani Primary School is a school located just outside Eldoret town, with a total population of 823 students. Being a public school, it is a major institution among the community around the school. The Mary Meals Organization donates meals to the students, and works together with the students so that the students do not stay hungry while in school and concentrate on their studies.

The school has worked with PACE Kenya, an organization that seeks to place post-high school graduates as teaching assistants in under-resourced public primary schools so that they can help the kids, and teachers in those particular schools. Earlier this year, those particular volunteers expressed one critical need of reading material that the school needed in terms of story books, and also revision books. They noted, as the head teacher Mrs. Leah, also pointed out, that the school does have an available room that could be turned into a library, however, they do not have the books themselves. We, having worked under PACE, and now alumni of the organization, initiated this project - #SosianiWasome - as a book drive to collect 1000 used books from friends, and donors in a month, and raise money to purchase 1000 more books and also renovate the room (repainting, finishing up the floor, and shelving) in order to put books into the hands of children.

We hope to have the library up and running on tue, the 25th of July 2017. We ask for your donation towards this cause, be it in the form of money or books, so that we may succeed in this cause.

Help us put books into the hands of little children so that they their imagination is expanded.


The team running the project is as follows: Tracey Osogo (Daystar University), Laurence Bugasu (New York University), Sylvia Manda (Kenyatta University), Leah Kigundo (Cooperative University), Anthony Kaunga (University of Nairobi)

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