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Kamwithi For MCA; Fixing The System

Greetings good people, Let's make exemplary diligent Leadership happen. Support for Lewis Kamwithi is support for future generations. Thanks

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Greetings family. Meet Lewis Kamwithi (KAITU VAMWE- All Together). A Vibrant God fearing, Young Kenyan Leader interested in politics. Politics of CHANGE and LIBERATION from poverty; EMPOWERMENT to the grassroots people. A believer and a doer towards making POSSIBLES.
Why politics? Half of the world's problems are a result of bad political leadership. Having a difficult childhood with less to eat and continuously interrupted schooling. I gained first hand experience of what majority families go through everyday. The passion to end end poverty set in. One of the ways to do so is fill the political leadership gaps with good leaders.
I have through friends managed to help educate countless children from needy and orphaned families. Same for medical  help sponsorship.  Working my Church humanitarian department gave me first hand skills on how to pitch for help and partners in community development affairs. I'm now motivated to serve the people through their own resources. ACCOUNTABILITY it is.
A few of what my leadership promises to deliver;
1. Education - 100% transition rate from basic level to the immediate next. Tried and tested.
2. Creation of a conducive environment to sustain existing income opportunities.
3. Creation of new jobs to empower the women, Youth and people living with disabilities, Orphans and vulnerable.
4. Affordable, quality and easily accessible health care.
5. Consultative leadership
6. Food and water security
7. Environment conservancy
8. Improved infrastructure
8. Much more

Some will on be possible through relevant partnerships that I already have approached.
Kindly help me make this happen. Make my Campaign process easier and consistent. Thank you
Kaitu Vamwe, Utongoi wa Vamwe (All together, Lead Together)

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