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Monicah Langat Medical Fund

Hi friends,I have started fund raiser to raise the hopital bill for mum who is recuperating due to heart problem, lung disease and Liver malfunction

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My mum  was admitted at Karen hospital ,Nairobi Branch, on two accounts.A heart problem that had been diagnosed earlier though the main cause was lung disease that has apparently damaged the lung on the right.This caused malfunctioning of the heart and the liver.
Kindly lets all remember her in prayers and support her financially.

We thank God she wasdischarged but still recuperating in Nairobi while attending clinics and daily check up at Karen hospital.

We thank God for thegood Samaritan who supported us to raise  and pay the bill which had accumulated to 330,000 but assurance that we pay back the money.

As family,we request for your support to raise the amount and other expenses which that good Samaritan have been using since my mother was dischrged.

Let's all pray for my mother to get better and support us financially with anything you have.

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