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Mashuru Primary School Library

Hi. I have started this campaign to help equip Mashuru Primary School in Kajiado County with a library. Let's help the kids read!! :-)

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“The more that you read, the more things you will know.The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”

-Dr. Seuss

My name is Wangui Ng’ang’a, a Volunteer Graduate Assistant with G-United, and deployed to Mashuru Primary School in Kajiado County since September, 2016. My chief assignment while at the school is to work with struggling learners in Class Two and Three. We have one-on-one remedial sessions to read story books. The aim of reading aloud is to help them learn to read so that they can then read to learn. Reading has been a key part of my life for as long as I can remember. In fact, one of the oft-retold family anecdotes is of how I learnt to read before I went to school. I therefore have genuine, personal interest in seeing the children improve their literacy skills.

As is the nature of children, those who were not classified as struggling learners saw their classmates getting to read story books and wanted in on this new, fun activity. Driven by their curiosity, they approached me and asked if they could be taking books home. An hour or two spent in the school library sorting through the scanty stock for any suitable material yielded about thirty books in varying states of disrepair. Added to the fifteen or so books provided by the programme, I now had roughly fifty books for the lower class library. I established a simple lending system where all the child has to remember is their library number. In the few months of running this system, a reading culture has so successfully been propagated in the school that I am now known as Mwalimu wa Story Books.

This success, has, however, exposed a pressing problem in the school- the library is severely understocked. Most of the children have read through the entire catalogue more than once, and it breaks my heart every time a child asks me why there aren’t any new books. The book funds disbursed to the school are hardly sufficient for curricular material and the school management has made it clear that they cannot afford to buy material for leisure reading. There is therefore need to use other channels to stock up the library and provide a long-term solution.

All the necessary structures are already in place- there is genuine interest in reading, the children understand the basic accountability measures that come with being a member of a library, and the school management is more than willing to ensure that the books are taken care of by its librarians. The only missing piece is a generous supply of the books.

Every donation made here or through PayPal to samwan31@gmail.com will go towards buying books and conducting training for the library teachers and prefects. Donations of actual books are also welcome. Feel free to reach me directly for more information. Let's help improve literacy levels in the school, one story at a time.

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