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Tabby Mwangi Masters Fundraiser

My name is Tabitha Mwangi, I have started this Fundraiser to support my dream of pursuing Masters in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism in Israel

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Growing up my parents who were actively involved in the church inspired my brothers and I to dream big and go after our wildest dreams. I often said that I wanted to be a soldier as a child. Little did I know that I would be a different kind of soldier. Before graduating I wrote a research paper in Human Rights Violations in the Global War On Terror: A Case Study of the United States of America post 9/11 which convinced me that I should pursue a career in Counter Terrorism. I was accepted to the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel for an Executive Certificate in April 2015 but my dad was unwell at the time so I wasn't able to raise the $6000 needed. 

He later passed on 18th June (the day the classes were supposed to start had I been able to raise the funds). In September the same year, I was working in Kilifi when I was called to come take my mom to India for treatment. She'd been diagnosed with cancer and by the time we were leaving the country; she was slowly dying from a tumor in her brain as the cancer had developed a brain tumor that was causing pressure on the brain thus killing her slowly. Fast forward to June 2016, we are still in India (8 months later) and I have quit my job so that I can take care of her full time. We come back to Kenya, continue with treatment but we are using the family savings because insurance wouldn't cover her as the cancer had been pre existing since 2012. On January 15th 2017, God decided to take her home.  

But if there's one thing that I learnt from her while in India is that I must keep a positive mind. Even on the worst days (anyone who knows a close friend or relative who has had cancer knows how bad the "bad days" get. Even when she was in excruciating pain; she was still talking of the future in a manner that one couldn't understand. She wanted to see me go to school, see my kid brothers excel in school and live our lives in a manner that we use our gifts and talents to serve. This  is the main reason  for the burning desire to make this Israel dream happen. Now I want to do a masters instead. It's not going to be easy but I have no doubt that I can do it.

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