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Isaac School Fees

Hi, please help us raise funds for an orphan who has made it to the university. Read his story on M-Changa website - Isaac school fees.

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My name is Jenipher Otieno, I am the Coordinator Research & Development at Managment University of Africa (MUA). I am fundraising for Isaac Odhiambo, a student at the Management University of Africa. Read Isaac's:

"I lost both my parents at the age of fourteen and that was my turning point.  My mother and I used to carry heavy pots to the interior of our village for barter trade and get in exchange millet and wheat.  My father, a farmer who plowed for others using his two oxen, was a watchman at night to raise my school fees. When my father got paralyzed on one side and could not walk, he remained in the hospital for a long time.  My mother had to sell all that we had including our family land to sustain my father in the hospital.  Eventually, my mother also felt sick, was admitted to the same hospital, so I dropped out of school to take care of my parents.  This did not last for long, my mother died, then hours later, my father also died.  The community buried my parents the same day.  I was devastated.  After going hungry for several days, I decided to burn charcoal and get money for food. After a long while, a nearby church supported me to complete my primary education.  I looked for a distant relative who took me to Kericho for my secondary education.  During the third term in Form one, this relative abandoned me, so I was left in the hands of a teacher who liked me and helped me a complete secondary education.  This teacher supported me to join the University after MUA called me to join and pursue BCOM.  My plea is for well-wishers to support me complete my University education.  I got the government partial sponsorship, so I am asking for the support of the fee balance, accommodation and my upkeep that my parents should have paid for me to complete my University education. This amounts to Kenya shillings 434,400.  

Funds from this campaign will be going directly to the Management University of Africa's account to pay school fees.

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