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Please support Rare Gem school in Kitengela to raise funds to help educate children with dyslexia and other disabilities

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Dear Supporter,

We're incredibly grateful for good friends like you. Today, we share an update from the Rare Gems Talent School, a Special needs School, where we are working hand in hand with the Administration to help them. Here is their story:


In 2009, dyslexia organization was registered with the NGO. We wanted to have a platform where we could reach as many teachers and parents to talk about dyslexia. We started holding workshops and seminars on identifying and intervention of learners with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. We created awareness to the public offering solution as to how these learners can be supported in class. It is through this that Rare Gem Talent School was started in 2012 to give support to marginalized learners from disadvantaged families.

Currently, the size of the classes are 8 feet by 10 feet.  The building were designed to be residential single rooms but we have converted them to be classes. These are actually too small to be classes.  The population of the school is currently 95 children:


1.      Land: The space is growing small day by day due to high enrollment of the learners. Being the only institution doing Kenyan curriculum 8-4-4 many children with difficulties are seeking to be enrolled.  The rent is also taking much money that could be used for development and welfare of the children.

2.      New rooms:  We immediately have to build new rooms to accommodate the growing number of children.

3.      Water tank: We have two water storage tanks ten thousand litres (10,000L) but they are not enough to store water especially now that there is water rationing.

4.      Furniture: The number of children is going up to demand new benches, desks and beds. Also to replace the broken ones.

5.      Text books and stationary.

We're reaching out to you because your support can educate and save the lives of these children. These children are counting on us. Please be as generous as you can, and join us as we support the cause
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