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Daniel  (Baby Poa) was born at home in 2009 due to extreme poverty as his family could not afford maternity and other hospital fees, he fall sick at four months was taken to medicine men (herbalists, traditional healers) ,eventually was taken to various clinics but found no solution to his illness. An intervention by Life International Foundation led to the discovery that Enlarged Liver among other health issues.

We are appealing for help from well wishers to assist us in his treatment a since we have not been able to pay for his treatment at any private hospital and his condition has worsened (he is vomiting blood) so we took him to Kenyatta National Hospital where the Physician ordered various tests to ascertain the best course of treatment….

  • Diagnostic tests:
    medical tests are on going and blood samples have been sent to India for testing even as a liver tissue sample was sent South Africa for biopsy .
  • Medication:
    The Baby Poa has been taken of all medication apart from painkiler awaiting the results of the test above mentioned test.
  • Accomodation & Transport:
    Currently Baby Poa is residing KNH, we need help with moving him around for appointment and tests as well as the other In-Patient expenses
  • Care giver:
    Care is being provided at KNH 
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