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Help us complete development of a mobile app that will enable blind children in Kenya to access quality education through high quality African audiobooks.

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Ears for Eyes is an initiative started by PortableVoices to support education of visually impaired children and persons through creation of Free audio books. The audiobooks willl be accessible PortableVoices Mobile App and other handheld media players that are made for visually impaired.


According to Kenya Society for the Blind, there are over 45,000 school going children who are visually impaired and many of them are enrolled in normal day or boarding school instead of special schools. Most of blind students and schools of the blind currently depend on braille books to learn and teach respectively. Although recently some schools for the blind have began using audio content and assistive technologies, the adoption has been slow and challenging because there are very few audio format literature books, school textbooks, revision materials, and technologies currently available and specifically adapted to support learning of visually impaired children and schools.


By producing more audiobooks and creating a user friendly mobile application, the visually impaired children will have a new medium of learning and they will also have a variety fo learning materials and stories to choose from. The teachers will also have more teaching materials to help them teach and set exams for the pupils. The initiative will help to elevate the education performance of the beneficiary integrated and special schools across all 47 counties in Kenya that we will be partnering with in implementing the program. The academic performance of visually impaired children will increase by 35 percent annually. Additionally, increased academic performance of students will in turn improve the annual mean score of the schools which means they will become as competitive like mainstream schools. More importantly, high quality education will give visually impaired children and persons new career opportunities and job opportunities.

Milestones We Have Achieved So far:

So far we have produced a collection of 10 short stories, 1 radio dramas, over 20 episodes of education podcast. We have also be received support of books from authors among them K.W. Wamitila who graciously gave us 8 children books and a collection short stories. We have also started working with great artists and poets to turn the written poems we have into spoken entertainment. All the content will be readily be available for free to the visually impaired once the mobile app is ready. Additionally, we have finally managed to build our own studio which has helped us reduce the production costs unlike when we had to hire out a studio to record our works. This also means we able to produce more contents categories other than audiobooks. For instance, podcast series, poetry, radio dramas and transcription of content into braille.


We are now developing PORTABLEVOICES MOBILE APP which will make it easy and convenient for the visually impaired to access our audiobooks and additional learning materials. The app will be accessible via any internet enabled smartphone and integrated with the various media players and assistive technologies adapted for visually impaired. Besides, with PortableVoices app and addition of voice command, the blind person will be able to play, skip forward and backwards. More importantly, they will be able to listen at anytime and choose their favorite books. This is the convenience and freedom the visually impaired need.

We Need Your Support

Although we have made some progress, we are still far from the overall goal, which is to have a working mobile app and over 50 audiobooks loaded to the app. This is where you come in. We have made good progress so far, but this is still far from the overall goal. We need your support to help raise 500,000 Kenya Shillings. The funds will help us complete development of the first version of PortableVoicess app and production of the of the first 25 audiobooks. By donating to our campaign on Mchanga, you will help speed development of the app and production of the books we are receiving from authors and publishers. We are striving to have completed the app and the 30 audiobooks by August before we begin piloting the ears for eyes program to 10 schools of visually impaired in September, 2019.


We are also accepting in-kind donations. If you have a laptop, audio recorder, chair or any other studio equipment you would like to donate to us, kindly get in touch. We will be happy to receive your donation.


Tell a friend to tell a friend about this campaign. We will trully appreciate it!


To learn more, visit www.portablevoices.com to learn more.

For more information kindly contact:

Allan: 0706569493



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