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Ears for eyes fundraiser

Help us raise funds to produce free educational podcasts and audiobooks for blind children in Kenya through Ears 4 Eyes by PortableVoices.

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There are over 45,000 visually impaired children in Kenya at the moment, with no access to curriculum-based audio learning materials. Even worse, more than 40% of the children, are enrolled in public mainstream schools where they are expected to adopt to the situations and use the same books used by the other children with normal vision. Even for those in blind schools, the situation is not that better, the schools have inadequated local audio learning resources thus children are struggling in their academics resulting to poor performance in their exams.


By producing FREE curriculum based learning materials and distributing them to beneficiary integrated and schools for the blind across all 47 counties in Kenya, the academic performance of visually impaired children will increase by 35 percent annually. More importantly, by giving scholarships to disadvantaged blind children and creating awareness about visual impairement in Kenya, we will be able to rescue those who have been confined to their homes. In addition, literacy will give visually impaired children new opportunities and reduce the poverty cycle. 

Milestones We Have Achieved So far: 

Through the support of The Somo Project, Dagoretti Fund and all those who have contributed to the project so far, we have been able to make tremendous progress. MOST IMPORTANT ONE, We now have our own fully functional RECORDING STUDIO. In addition, we have managed to produce more than 50 podcasts and 10 short stories in audio version. We are now preparing to start piloting the content to selected Blind Schools around Kenya. QUICK QUESTION, Which Blind School do you suggest we should consider during our pilot? All the podcasts and audiobooks we are producing are now available our website www.portablevoices.com.

Your Support

We have made good progress so far, but this is still far from the overall goal. We are raising KES 1.5 MILLION to produce and pilot FREE educational audio content in at least 10 schools.

We are also accepting in-kind donations. If you have a laptop, audio recorder, chair or any other studio equipment you would like to donate to us, kindly get in touch. We will be happy to receive your donation.

Allocation of Funds

The funds will be used as follows:

1. Content Production: Ksh. 700,000

2. Equipment Purchasing: Ksh. 350,000

3. Project Coordination: Ksh. 450,000


Visit www.portablevoices.com to learn more about how Ears 4 Eyes will help.

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