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10000 Mask For Mukuru Funds Drive

Hello! Help us provide People Mukuru Informal Settlement access reusable face masks, Help us protect each other from COVID19 (coronavirus)

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Mukuru is a low income informal settlement with vast challenges, we have vulnerable community members who cant access the much needed masks since its hard to keep social distance in Mukuru hence the need of finding a way to provide the mask at low or no price at all.

What led to the Campaign ?

Nelmo Newsong have been walking in  Mukuru and realized that so many people were not wearing masks and decided to find out why.

Some said they cant breath when they wear them, Remember you won't also be able to breath when you get coronavirus (COVID19).

Others said its expensive to have the disposable masks since it was even hard to make any cash at this time and this are the people making me post this. Nelmo called his friend William King Bush who is making these washable masks and discussed on how they could be able to mass produce and distribute for free to people who couldnt afford them including young kids and the elderly.

Willy was able to produce 200 of this masks daily, we would like to donate about 10000 masks in Mukuru, to make one it will cost about ksh.20. Help us reach this target.

Environment and Economy
There have been discussion on the effect disposable mask will have in the environment considering that waste management in Kenya is big issue, considering the number of masks that will be lying around posing a risk both to other but also the environment.
The cost for this will be high hence will still lead to more emissions hence choosing to have washable mask which are economically and environmentally friendly.


Mukuru have four main settlement namely Mukuru kwa Reuben at the centre , Mukuru kwa Njenga next to Pipeline and Imara Daima, Viwandani including LungaLunga, Kingstone and Sinai running near Donholm all the way to enterprise road along Ngon river and mukuru Kayaba  and environs Fwata Nyayo and Mariguini at the south B side.

We shall consetrate on providing the masks to the elderly and children who its hard to keep indoors, Children comprises of the biggest population in Mukuru hence being at the centre of the spread hence being important to protect them and the elderly who are widely affected by the disease and bearing the biggest danger of the disease.

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