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My contribution to Africa is by educating the forgotten youth on the numerous opportunities at their disposal. This move is driven by the realisation that a lot of youth who do not manage to join the university think  that their dreams are shuttered. 

In 2015, about 525,802 students did the national exam and only a third of the group managed to secure slots in the university.

In 2016, about 88929 students out of 577,253 who sat the national examination were to join the university. Clearly, a large percentage of the youth did not manage to join and this number is expected to increase.

Some youths did not finish school due to various reasons like early pregnancies, financial difficulties or family issues.

I  am helping  solve this problem in my own small way by running a vibrant youth development programme for such youth. From this, EduYouth was born,  and is nurtured by PACE to ensure its objectives are attained.

What is EduYouth? 

  • EduYouth is a  youth development programme aimed at creating awareness on vocational training, based in juja. 
  • Target  age group of the youth is between 18-24 years. Those who are currently unemployed and are willing to learn
  • Mode of recruitment is by word of mouth and filling a registration form where one can note their interests.
  • Thereafter, a workshop is carried out where we invite professional speakers from various fields, mainly Vocational institutions.  Other topics discussed include entrepreneurship, life skills, health education and HIV/AIDS.
How do we do it?
  • EduYouth is run by a group of friends with a burning passion for developing the society.
  • It comprises of 8 executive members, who are policy makers. Each one of us has a definitive role which we are required to carry out effectively and efficiently.
  • We also have Friends Of EduYouth who we call upon when carrying out projects or activities.
  • EduYouth has created networks, in the university and also with local vocational training institutes that enable us to attain our objectives.
  • We have managed to train about 50 youths Juja locality through 2 workshops. The workshops were held at Mirimaini and Gachororo.
  • Currently we are organizing a beadwork training with jewellery professionals who will impact skills to the youth around Gachororo, Juja
  • In collaboration with Vue Afrika, we organized a , 'lets chart' initiative where together with university comrades we managed of to draw 72 charts for Mirimaini Primary School in Juja, Kiambu county.
Future plans.
  • We intend to  change the community by approaching poor performing secondary schools and sensitize on Vocational Training and mentorship. This will be achieved by organizing weekly training sessions in the school and by engaging our volunteers, that is, friends of EduYouth.
  • The  training will involve minor projects that will enhance their practical skills learnt in class such as Agribusiness, Creative thinking and entrepreneurship.
  • We are also creating a platform where we can invite other like minded partners to participate in the training, such as code boot camps and many others.

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