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Elections coverage by kumekucha

Kumekucha Chris Here. We have started a campaign to raise funds to cover the general elections. This is also a great way to join club1999 for almost free.

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I have personally funded the rather famous Kumekucha blog for over 12 years now and have always resisted efforts to get a donor or NGO to fund me and the small but important contribution we make that impacts on governance. It has not been easy.

Many NGOs have approached me but I have resisted the idea of answering to a donor and their individual agenda and priorities which are not always guaranteed to be those of Kenya because all these donors are foreigners. Then somebody suggested I consider crowd-funding (you can google what that is) which has become very popular in the west. M-changa was the closest (that I could find locally) to that concept that is yet to catch on in our country where numerous (NOT A SINGLE PERSON) investors put in small amounts of money and have the joy and fulfillment of seeing a project/venture to fruition. And that is precisely how I will run this with frequent reporting back of progress and maximum transparency on exactly how the funds are being utilized (to the last cent).

Covering an election is a very expensive exercise and yet I would like to do it even better than I am doing it at the moment. I would also like to cut down on my running costs so as to be able to offer free membership to my club 1999 to as many Kenyans as possible. The more Kenyans who are better informed, the better it is for all of us. All this for a better Kenya.

It is my hope and prayer that at the end of this exercise I will be able to cover the general elections even better than I am at the moment and all donors/investors will get a lifetime free subscription to the insightful inside information I offer without favoring any side or individual on the political arena. I only favour a better Kenya for ALL. PERIOD. And I am confident there are many like minded Kenyans out there on both sides of the political divide who will make this happen.

Many of you already know me and have supported Kumekucha in the past. Thank you so much and thanks in advance to everybody for supporting this latest initiative as well.

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