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The Lalona Maverick Woman Project

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Maverick /?mav(?)rik/ noun 

1. a person who thinks and acts in an independent way, often behaving differently from the usual way.

Lalona is a magazine started by young women to talk about social and gender-based issues. The Maverick Woman Project is something we hold dear to our hearts and a unique project that entails talking about gender-based issues, talking about amazing everyday heroes while getting paid to do it as a woman writer. 

Writing is barely seen as a career and many women shy from doing it professionally. 

We aim at paying our writers to encourage and initiate the culture of embracing female writers. 

We need to create a culture where the Kenyan Creative Industry pays young women writers and Lalona is aiming at being advocates in doing that. We will start paying small and eventually make it a tradition where young people can earn money by doing 2 amazing things: talking about societal issues and also working on their talent. 

The Maverick Woman project also aims to create a relatable mentorship book, magazine, forum, and website on our 'ordinary heroes, everyday heroes' i.e women that walk on our society and do amazing work. 

The mentorship project will be published at Lalonas.com (our website) and an ebook and later a hardcover book will be published to document and profile each and every selected work. This book will have various stories and ideologies on Maverick Women.

YOU CAN ALSO SUPPORT US BY BUYING 2 OR MORE MAVERICK WOMAN T-SHIRTS/HOODIES CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR PREFERENCE for you and your family, friend or partner in your preferred color AND SIZE at Ksh 2000 with the tagline: 'I am Maverick" OR, "She is Maverick". Kindly order them in the comment section.

Thank you for being a great support for the Maverick Woman Project!

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