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Niami Centre Of Education

Please help us to raise funds for the school,to support us build our school[NIAMI EDUCATIONAL CENTRE]

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Niami is an educational centre that is located in Kibera Kambi-muru and it was an initiative that was started by members of the community so as to provide education to kids who could not afford the fees to join the government schools or even the private schools that were around.

It started with 6 kids and now it has grown and accommodate 200 kids. The reason for doing this fund raising is to raise money so as to buy a land for the school since where we have been renting out will soon be demolished because it is on  the railway line and the government plans to build houses on the space.

We believe that education and co curricular activities that we offer our kids from the local community is what will bring a change to their lives and the lives of the people surrounding them and to do this we need to continue providing them with education.

That's why we call on you to provide any help by donating to our platform and by7 doing so you will be bringing an impact not just to the school or the kids but to the entire Kibera community and Kenya.

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