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We have started this fundraiser to support Kisilu in creating climate resilient farming communities in East Africa. Please join!

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Kisilu Musya is a farmer, father, and climate activist from Mutomo, Kenya. His story is told in the climate change documentary Thank You For The Rain (2017), and this fundraiser is for anyone who want to contribute to his community work. 

Five years ago, Kisilu started to use his camera to capture the life of his family, his village and the damages of climate change. When a violent storm throws him and a Norwegian filmmaker together we see him transform from a father, to community leader to an activist on the global stage. You can read more about the film on www.thankyoufortherain.com

Together with his wife Christina, Kisilu is working to help his community to adapt to climate change. Farming in the area has become increasingly difficult. Season after season, the rains are failing, forcing many farmers to leave for the cities in search for work. But Kisilu and his community are committed to finding ways for farmers to adapt to the changing weather. They are starting self-help groups as well as teaching climate resilient farming techniques, and now they want to spread their model of adaptation to other farming communties across East Africa. 

The self-help groups come together on a regular basis to grow food on a shared plot, and test out new farming techniques and seed varieties. Many self-help groups have started table banking to enable each farmer to make small investment in livestock, seeds or tools. They also keep goats together as a way of adapting – when it gets too dry, they can sell the goats and put the money into the table bank. Their dream is to expand and form a co-operative to sell surplus food.

Kisilu and Christina want to build on this work and spread the techniques and ideas to other communities, in order to help build climate resilient farming communities across East Africa and even further. To make this happen, they need all the support they can get. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, is welcome. All donations will go towards compensating Kisilu for his work, and expanding the model of adaptation and resilience to even more communities.


This fundraiser is managed by the film team behind Thank You For The Rain. The impact producer for East Africa is Emily Wanja. For questions, please get in touch through our website www.thankyoufortherain.com

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