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Just 1 Boy: SBC Class 03 Endowment

Welcome to the Just 1 Boy: Starehe Class of 2003 Endowment. Contribute according to your means. Natulenge Juu!

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I Charge you never to forget the great benefits you have received in this place, and in time to come according to your means to do all that you can do to enable others to enjoy the same advantage; and remember that you carry with you, wherever you go, the good name of Starehe. May God Almighty bless you in your ways and keep you in the knowledge of his love now and forever. - Dr G. W. Griffin

This is an initiative of the Starehe Class of 2003 geared towards raising enough funds to meet the sponsorship, now endowment, first of just 1 boy. Our aim is to raise the total amount required to sponsor, updated to now endow, initially 1 student to be presented on or before the Founders Day of 2017, usually held in July. All funds contributed will be channeled to the Starehe Boys Centre Endowment account through the Old Starehian Society (Alumni).

Alumni are encouraged to even make contributions equal to or greater than their Starehe file numbers :-)


April 9th, 2017 - Martin Kasomo

  1. We were able to successfully reach our initial target of KES 144,000 by the first 20 days (well within the 120 day target) through contributions from just over 40 supporters. A big thank you to all who contributed to making this happen!
  2. The Class of 2003 agreed that we are capable of raising up to KES 1 Million by the end of year to enable us come up with our first endowment as a Class.
  3. In light of this, we have decided to revise our target from KES 144,000 to KES 300,000 in the first round of the new endowment campaign to help us get our total contributions to the Class of 2003 Griffin Memorial Endowment Trust Fund to KES 500,000 which is half of our long term endowment target.
  4. We will retain the "kidogo kidogo hujaza kibaba" approach with, many contributors continuing to make small yet multiple contributions (some weekly, some bi-weekly, some monthly) to help us reach the target.
  5. We are also now engaging corporate sponsors to help us reach the other KES 0.5 Million even as we continue ourselves to our second target.


About the Fund Raising

This fundraising is monitored by 3 treasurers, all old boys, selected from the Class of 2003. Statements will be issued periodically to all contributors as well as relevant parties like the OSS secretariat via the class coordinator. Contributors also receive an SMS with current contribution and balance.

This fundraising drive is currently coordinated and spearheaded by:

  • Joshua Abaki (Class of 2003)
  • Kennedy Ogutu (Class of 2003)
  • Stephen Ondari  (Class of 2003 Chair)
  • Martin Kasomo (Class of 2003)

Find out more about Starehe  - http://www.stareheboyscentre.ac.ke and http://starehegirlscentre.co.ke
And more about the OSS Starehe Alumni  - http://www.oldstarehians.org
About Endowment - http://www.stareheboyscentre.ac.ke/sbc/support-us/endowment/

"To those whom much has been given, much is expected."

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