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Keep Daraja Girls Believing

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Daraja Academy is an all girls secondary school located in Nanyuki, Laikipia County. The school caters to girls from across the country who hail from less privileged backgrounds. The school through it's partners and fundraising efforts fully sponsors all the girls through out their four years at the school. The school has to date had five graduating classes with approximately 90% of the girls going on to further their education either at the university or college levels. The school has in place a very unique programme model which not only focuses on the education aspect of things but also focuses on life skills education. To this end, the school has in place a programme known as WISH which stands for Women of Integrity, Strength and Hope. The programme is taught to the girls right from the get go in Form one right through up-to form four. The programme encompasses a wide range of topics ranging from self-esteem and Self-worth to Peace-building and human rights education. The lessons are taught in a very dynamic manner with some of the staff taking part in instructing the students, the school also brings in facilitators as well as recognised professionals on the different subject areas to address and interact with the girls. At the end of the four years the girls go on to receive a certificate of merit from the WISH programme. Another interesting feature of Daraja academy is that the girls are put into families. A family usually consists of four students each from the respective forms; that is form one to form four. The girls in each family usually hail from different parts of the country as well as different ethnic backgrounds. The rationale behind the family idea is to encourage and foster a spirit of togetherness and oneness amongst the girls irrespective of their ethnicities and backgrounds (religious and otherwise). It also helps the girls learn from one another in addition to having an additional form of a support system apart from the administration and staff.  Aside from the WISH programme, the school requires girls to per take 30 hours of community service per year for their four years of secondary education which translates to 10 hours per term.

Additionally, the school has in place a transition programme which it offers to the girls after they complete their form four education. The programme takes place in the period between the girls finishing their form four exams and them enrolling in university or college. The programme essentially focuses on translating theory to practice. To this end the girls are equipped with real life experiences such as resume writing, interviewing for jobs, per taking in an internship, learning how to be public speakers and facilitators as well as mentoring other students. The programme originally lasted five months but the school is now trying a new three month model due to changes in the education system. The transition programme is again fully funded by the school and its partners. This is what makes Daraja academy stand out from other schools. The fact that the school focuses on students' academic development as well as their life skills development is truly admirable. The school emphasises the need for the girls to be leaders and agents of change within the school as well as in their respective communities. In line with this, by the time the girls finish their education at the school they are truly well equipped to join the "real" world and face the opportunities and challenges that they may come across with grace and fortitude. 

Please join the cause and contribute towards the 'Keep Daraja girls believing' fundraiser. The funds raised will go towards purchasing and distribution of sanitary towels. Additionally some of the funds will also go towards organising and catering for a thanks giving and appreciation ceremony for the girls and the staff, where we will acknowledge and appreciate their efforts this far. Kindly join this worthy cause and let us show the Daraja girls that we also believe that they can and they will. Thank you.

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