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Touch A Child's Heart

Please join us transform 100 boys and 100 girls into responsible young adults by providing a safe and meaningful rite of passage.

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When it was time for me, you or a family member to undergo that crucial rite of passage of initiation, who did we turn to?

Like most in our community, we went to a medical facility.


Because we knew we would receive the best medical care from health professionals in a warm, caring environment.

But there are many in our community that are not so fortunate.

As we launch our 2017 Rite of Passage Campaign, our goal is to help an additional 200 girls and boys in streets and various shelters acquire necessary life skills for adulthood. You see, even though we helped over 60 boys in the year 2015, there are still many more homeless kids on our streets that we couldn't help, because we don't have the the resources to do so.

That's why our goal for this campaign is to raise Ksh. 300,000 by November 15th. If we raise that amount, we'll be able to provide training, food and clothing to more kids this year. We need your help to make it happen.

Would you be willing to make a special donation of Ksh. 500, Ksh. 1000 or any amount you can afford and bring 200 more homeless kids from the shame and stigma of failing to undergo one of the most important rites in life.

We simply cant do it  without you. Your support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those who are still in need.

Please join us.
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