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Desks For Esibila Primary School

Friends, Esibila Primary School pupils sit on the floor, I appeal to you to help them sit on desks.

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The Problem:

Esibila Primary School is situated in Emuhaya SubCounty,Vihiga County. Class one to class three pupils sit on the floor due to lack of desks hence risking jigger infection. As a result of that, almost 80% of the class 1-3 pupils cant  write their names properly and their uniform need to be replaced within a short period of time.

Our Solution:

We are seeking to alleviate this problem by offering them desks to sit on while in class.

Benefits of our solution:

*Improve their learning enviroment

*Minimize chances of jigger infection

    Our target:
    200 desks each with a cost of Ksh.1500

    Our reward to you:
    For all contributions above Ksh. 1500 that we receive - we will put a plaque or sign on one desk with your Name or Logo.

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