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Heritage Of Faith Children Home

Partner with us to continue the vision to transform the lives of orphans and Vulnerable children of Kenya.

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From Meat Peddler to Philanthropist

I can say that I finally discovered what I was meant to do with my life. What I was created for. I excelled as a mother to my children who brought me so much joy and fulfillment but I still had so much more to give. I have told this story to so many people but believe that through this platform more people can find inspiration to do something for the good of humanity, to touch a life, to make a difference, to leave a legacy.

I learned to trust God very early in life. I got born again when I was in secondary school and faced alot of opposition from my family who struggled to understand the concept of being born again. I was brought up a catholic and in the 70s the main stream churches were very skeptical about the practices of the charismatic churches that brought a powerful revival to Kenya. 

I was beaten, I endured hard labor as my parents tried to sway me from salvation. Fast forward twenty years, and picture me, a mother of five having lost my job and trying to figure out what to do for a living. The severance pay that I received from my employer was just enough to pay my mortgage and at the end of my over 20 years of service, I took home 4000 shillings.

Was I scared? oh yes I was. My first born had just completed primary school and there I was clutching onto my 4000 Kenya Shillings. My children were accustomed to certain nicities like above-average food, nice clothes, dental care and occassional trips but again there I was clutching onto my 4000 Kenya Shillings.

I lived in a middle class estate where one needed to keep up with appearances but there I was with just 4000 shillings as my earthly savings.

I however had an account that was busting in its seams. I had a trust that I was yet to break into. 'God would provide trust' was the name of the trust. One night I felt the spirit of the Lord strongly leading me towards starting a meat business. I went to the meat market and bought meat with the money I had. I packed the meat in 1kg, 2kg and 1/2 kg portions and started going door to door around the estate selling to my neighbours. I did not care about the appearances, I did not care what my neighbours would say. I had to take care of my family and this is the vision God gave me and assured me that the path would supply all my needs. I prayed to God and made a vow,

'Bless the works of my hands and I will touch a life.'

As the business grew, I started seeking tenders to supply meat in different restaurants in Nairobi. My means of transport was what I would call blood, sweat and tears automobile. I would deliver the meat by carrying it in a woven basket on my back. Along the way I would sweat alot, I would get cuts from the yarn and sisal made basket and depending on how far I would be required to walk, I would cry alot and boy did I cry.

A year later, I had made alot of money from my 4000 shillings. I was able to buy a brand new pickup which made my deliveries easier.

Fast forward 2002, I remembered the vow I made and together with my husband, started feeding street children who spent their days and nights at the Aga khan walk in Nairobi. We would serve them a meal while sharing the word of God with them. 

As time went by we established a strong bond with the group that consisted of 45 street boys and girls. The children started requesting us to find a permanent living environment for them. 

In August 10, 2002, we put these lovely children in our pickup and we drove down Mombasa Road. We were looking for a place for the children to stay temporarily as we figured out where to establish their permanent living environment. 

Since then, the home has grown in size and scope. We have taken care of over 160 children. We have a child under our care from Tanzania which means that our scope has expanded to beyond the boarders. Most of the older children have gone through university or colleges and they are self reliant. We have a school that takes care of the younger children. Heritage of Faith and Hope Children Home and School has been a blessing to many as we have employed many people to be in service of the children God has trusted us with. On this platform I will share with you the Joys, pains and triumphs that characterizes the lives of All my children.

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