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Hi, We are appealing to well-wishers to help us raise 5 Million to support the growth of American football in Kenya(www.kenyanfl.com)

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The Kenya Federation of American Football (KFAF) is a Non-Profit sport organization registered under the Ministry of Sports and Culture to provide a code of conduct through governance, setting up regulations and the development of projects concerning American Football sport in Kenya. The birth and genesis of American Football dates to 2012, with the piloting starting at the University of Nairobi. There has been tremendous growth for the last six years now boasting of three university and two community teams that compete in the local league. Our combined national university participated in the Inaugural East Africa Championship held in Uganda in 2012 emerging second at the end of the competitions. 

We are rising money to support our youth football league in 2019. We have U19 tackle men and flag for both men and women. Our target is to raise $43,000 where the money raised will be channeled in the following areas:


We understand the nature of football equipment, they are a bit expensive for a startup organization and not available in our local markets. The focus is directed more on game balls, Jerseys and helmets, shoulder pads, pants and training equipment to our coaches. With the mentioned equipment the eagerly anticipated football will be taking over the sports in East Africa. 

Coaching and match official’s education;

The numbers of new and enthusiastic athletes have been on the raise, more so some have not been able to get access our training grounds because they must travel miles to where the game is played. We are therefore expanding and taking the game to other towns. Through online training, providing access to coaching education materials and training camps for 300 coaches the impact will be immeasurable. 


Shipping equipment has been made affordable now that we entered into a partnership with a Kenyan based company. We however must spend to get the equipment to Kenya. 

School supplies;

‘Back to School’ is a recent initiative that will focus on keeping motivating the student in schools by providing the necessities (books, pens. Bag packs). Athletes will not only play the game valiantly but to excel academically as well. 

With your contribution great things are bound to happen. Don’t think of the little you’ve given but the impact its going to have. 

We value support and donations of any kind, any help to get us equipment donations is welcome. 

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