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Help Gilbert Stay At Oxford!

Hi! I'm studying at Oxford and I wouldn't want to leave. Please help me stay!

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I am Gilbert Mitullah Omware. 

I recently got admitted to University of Oxford to pursue a Masters in Comparative and International Education. I am only the 10th African and the only Kenyan to be admitted in the existence of the program. 

I initially obtained funding for the course from a Kenyan company which later pulled out of payment and diverted the funds elsewhere due to delays in obtaining my visa to leave for the United Kingdom. I consequently had to fundraise to complete the course and I have been given a very short deadline after which I will be suspended from school. So far, I have raised £5,800 and I will get a part time job so I can raise another £2,000. 

I would greatly appreciate any help or support in whatever amount available, or a reference to an individual, trust or organization that could help me raise this amount. 

The reason I believe I qualify for support and sponsorship is the work I have been doing and the potential to continue with this work once I complete my studies. I have dedicated a large part of my life to making a difference for others in leadership and education and I wish to continue my work when I complete the course. For this, I was identified as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Kenyans of 2016. 

In particular, I am keen on accomplishing the following when I go back to Kenya:

1. I have a long term dream of contributing to Kenya's political leadership at the county and national levels and this is part of my motivation to attend the University of Oxford for the Masters course which has a focus on education policy. 

2. I am a part of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers community and I have dedicated the past 9 years of my life to making a difference for people in Kenya in various programs. In particular, I have worked in the education sector and mentored over 3,000 young people. This is work I will continue doing when I come back to Kenya after my course. You can see more of my work documented on these two links:www.nairobiglobalshapers.or.ke and weareafrican.wordpress.com. 

3. I have spent time mentoring young people in different contexts, through the Presidential Digital Talent Mentorship Program (PDTP) launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2015, through African Solutions for Africa Programs (ASAP) and also with PACE Kenya which places volunteer teaching assistants in primary schools. 

4. I am an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and have been running the legal aid program at County Legal Aid Bureau (CLAB) where we go out to legal aid clinics and offer free legal advice as well as take up cases pro bono. I am also a volunteer advocate at Kituo Cha Sheria and their records can confirm this. We have taken up almost 300 cases so far and have run the legal aid program in 4 counties in partnership with EACORNET. I will continue doing this work as well. 

5. I have a great desire to use my legal skills to help improve the Kenyan education system. I have already worked in contributing to curriculum reforms in the country and that is why I am taking up this course. My hope is to make a contribution to Kenya's education law and policy. My dream is to set up improve schools across the country in partnership with county governments and that is why I applied to and was accepted to an education related course even though I am a lawyer. 

My goal in life is to make a difference in how children in rural areas receive relevant and quality learning and my research at Oxford is on the regulation of Low Fee Private Schools in Kenya which will have practical outcomes that can be implemented in Kenya. I have attached my statement of purpose ,admission letter, my CV and a profile of myself for your reference. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 
My very best wishes,

Gilbert Mitullah Omware
LLB(UoN), Dip Law(KSL)

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