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Please donate to help a new mum in need, give her baby a dignified start to life.

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The Toto Care Box Story

The story began in 2012 in a little village called Marich in West Pokot, when Lucy Wambui Kaigutha, the founder of Toto Care Box was working as a public health researcher collecting data in integrated management of childhood illnesses. She had to conduct focus groups among women from this village. One mother stood out to her, she had 5 children her fifth barely 2 weeks old, and she had nothing.

This woman stayed in Lucy’s mind long after she came back from West Pokot, she knew she needed to do something for the mother and her baby.

One day she stumbled upon an article about “Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes” as she was browsing the internet, and that was the inspiration for the Toto Care Box. In Finland, babies have been sleeping in cardboard boxes since 1939 after the 2nd world war as a government initiative to reduce maternal and infant mortality. Currently Finland has the lowest maternal and infant mortality in the world. Lucy then decided to create the Toto Care Box tailored to Kenyan needs aimed at having a similar outcome.


A Toto Care Box will be offered as a free incentive to every marginalised and underserved mother who goes through the minimum four Ante Natal Clinics (ANC). During these Ante Natal Clinics, she will also go through certified training on use of the box. Once she  gives birth in a health facility a Toto Care Box will be handed to her. The box is a maternal care package that contains 18 low cost, high impact items for the mother and her new born, to ensure that the mother has what she needs to cater for her new born child for the first 28 days of life, which are the most critical. The items in the box have been chosen due to their possible impact on reducing the four-main causes of new born deaths in Kenya. These are: Malaria, Pneumonia, Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis and Neonatal tetanus

A Donation of 3000/- will get one Toto Care Box.

Find out more on: www.totocarebox.org


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